Day 12

Day 12

Latitude 71° 55.575’ S

Longitude 171° 55.330’ E

Sea state: 1 m swell

Air temperature: -4°

Sea temperature: -0.8°

Wind speed: 15 knots

Today we have deployed the last of our long term instruments called “moorings”. A mooring is a line of rope anchored to the ocean floor (with train wheels). Along this rope there are different instruments that measure different variables depending on what processes we want to capture. For example, we can measure temperature, salinity and currents at different depths. The moorings will stay in the ocean recording data for 11 months until next year when they will be picked up. One of the interesting things of the moorings is that, because is recording data over the year, it can capture processes that occur in the winter, when it is impossible to come here to sample. On the other side, we need the ice conditions to be the same as this year (I mean no ice at all) to be able to recover them next year!

The sea conditions for this deployment was fantastic, flat sea and almost dead flat, although we had some heavy snow to make everything more beautiful!

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