Day 9

Day 9

Latitude 71° 25.575’ S

Longitude 171° 57.330’ E

Sea state: 5 m swell

Air temperature: -2.9°

Sea temperature: -0.8°

Wind speed: 46 knots

Today is a day to remember: I have seen Antarctica. And yes: “So close yet so far away”. We are 40 km from land, fog is finally gone, spectacular cliffs arise on the horizon, 4000 m high, rock and perpetual snow. Last night the Southern Ocean showed us its real face, 46 knots of wind with gusts of 50, 4-5 meters swell, negative temperatures, sea and air. Neptune came to tell us – this is my realm, just in case we didn’t know, just in case we had forgotten. So here we are, bow to the wind “dodging”, waiting for him to stop being angry, to calm down a bit to be able to keep going with our expedition. There are still lots of things to do, and not so much time. I look out the window again and I see land, stunning, wild, untamed, eerie, so many times in my dreams, so many times in my imagination. Today I can say I am “One step from Antarctica”, I wonder if I will ever put my feet on it.

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