Day 5



Day 5

Latitude 63° 53.467’ S

Longitude 171° 14.312’ E

Sea state: 2m swell

Air temperature: 0.2°

Sea temperature: 0.2°

Wind speed: 20.5 knots

Temperature has dropped considerably. Fog is still with us and last night it snowed. We have done a fantastic drill today. But, hold on a second, first things first. What is a drill on a vessel? You hear an alarm going off and then we gather in a meeting point. A name list is checked to be sure all the crew is safe and everyone knows that there is an emergency. The particular thing about our drills is that we have to dress in a specific outfit and we have to bring with us a particular waterproof bag, “grab bag”, that we always have to have close to us. We do this because in a real emergency we might not be able to go back inside for few hours.

And what is that specific outfit? Look at the picture. Gloves, balaclavas, beany, hard hat, mullion suit (warm and floatable) and boots. And of course all the thermals underneath it!

And what are we hiding in the “grab bag”? Water, a bit of food, warm clothes, torch, and everything we might need in case we cannot go back inside for a few hours.

So, today’s drill? We have talked about cold. After a few days on board one sometimes forgets where one is. That it is cold outside and that cold it is real and that we should be ready and be serious about our environment. Today we have spent around an hour outside talking about cold with the doctor on board. We have talked about frost bite, and hypothermia; how to prevent it, how to treat it. And after an hour talking about cold in the cold I have to admit that my toes and finger tips were starting to feel a bit cold. And once we were allowed to go inside again first thing I have done is to put some more warm clothes in my grab bag!

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