Day 1

Day 1

Latitude: 45° 32.462’ S

Longitude: 174° 39.460’ E

Sea state: 1m swell

Air temperature: 16.5°

Sea temperature: 15.9°

Wind speed: 19.3 knots

Heading south, literally, the compass in the bridge says heading 180°. When we were leaving the harbour a group of dolphins came to say good bye, we cannot see land anymore, there is no cell phone coverage, last night all the stars came to our date. After a few days of crazy activity trying to get on board all the necessary things for a six week voyage, it feels good to have a bit of peace. The temperature has dropped a few degrees, the dominant colour now is blue, a gentle swell is easing our way to the Southern Ocean. The albatrosses are keeping us company and we have surprised two seals sun bathing floating on the ocean. Our legs are getting used to the continuous movement of the boat, and I am getting used to be always surrounded by people, to share my cabin, to eat at specific times, to the shift work (This is my 4th trip in the Tangaroa and the first time I have a good shift! 1200h to 0000h)

Heading South, literally, do you want to join me?

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