Up and down

I’ve already told you that we always swim around a fountain. That fountain is called the  Carter Fountain named after the guy who paid for it (and that drowned a couple of days later; now, that is bad luck!). Anyway, the truth is that it is quite a distinctive feature to find your way around while swimming in the bay. First time I went ocean swimming was to the fountain and back, with thousands of millions of little harmless jellyfish, and that day I fell in love. First time I did a “solo” ocean swim, was to the fountain and back, yeah ok, I didn’t break any distance record (760 m total), but for someone that is completely terrified of being eaten by a shark I felt quite proud of myself!. And when I drive every morning around the bays to get to the starting point of our swims, I check out the fountain as an indicative of the swimming conditions.

So, a couple of weeks ago we were heading to the water when a swimmer who had already finished his swim said:

-Be careful, you can’t see the fountain.

-Excuse me, what?

We were very surprised as the only days you cannot see the fountain is when the waves are so big that you wouldn’t even dare to go for a swim. But that day the bay was glass.

-Tide is so high that the water is almost covering the fountain, so be careful not to swim into it!!

As we rounded the first buoy heading towards the fountain, we realized it was actually true, we could not see it!. When we got there, the water was almost covering the whole thing. If you think that is not impressive, the picture below shows the fountain with low tide, could you imagine the amount of water that is necessary to cover it up? crazy, huh?

photo 3

To understand a bit better how tides work, I leave you with the guys from Minute Physics

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