Why to recycle

One can never have enough swimming suits. High neck, clean back, low leg, colorful, easy to dry,  black, with zips, without zips; the options are endless. The perfect excuse to buy another swimming suit is that you don’t want to put a wet one before getting in the cold water… I bought (another) swimming suit last week, it has been made from recycled plastic bottles. How cool is that?

Here you can find the process from a water bottle to a swimming suit: Repreve

A recent paper in   Nature: Bottles, bags, ropes and toothbrushes: the struggle to track ocean plastics they say: “From Arctic to Antarctic, from surface to sediment, in every marine environment where scientists have looked, they have found plastic.” That sounds pretty scary to me and a really good reason to pay more attention to what we used and how we use it, and even more important, how we dispose it.


My swimming suit is made from 6 water bottles, and I am proudly showing it :), It will also make me more conscious when the time of putting all this plastic in the right bin comes up. What do you reckon? Are you using any clothes made from recycled water bottles? Is it easy to recycle in your city/workplace/ neighborhood?




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